Sunday, June 07, 2015


It's ironic how we spend part of our lives building walls to avoid risks,
to avoid certain situations, or even certain kind of people..
And then.. something similar to the right moment, a good heart, an encouraging word
has the power to bring it all down.

You trust again, you smile again, you dare to dream again
and you pretend that somehow things feel different, they seem different
This time around, you are smarter, stronger, more alert..
and there is no reason to believe anything can go wrong

And life, as always, decides to deal you a hand that you just need to lose
it doesn't matter how wiser you think you may be,
It doesn't really matter what techniques you have under your sleeve, if any
it's not important if you think it's unfair

The walls came down, you took the risk and you failed
and now you are left with the what ifs and the wonder, the million questions that go unanswered
And the void and solitude each new day brings
maybe you just fell for a dream, and the dream once again let you down..

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