Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Confession 101

I wish I had a constant reminder for myself, a mental post-it if you will,
something to engrave inside my head, my heart and my soul that says 'I Am Enough'.

I should be enough. Why shouldn't I ?
But every now and then, there comes a situation in my life that makes me doubt myself.
My worth, my emotional intelligence, my capacity for logic,
all possible human insecurities come afloat and drag me around for days..

I try to justify myself to people, my actions, my way of being
justify who I truly am.. and the worst ? I consciously try to change or adapt myself
to fit in. To be more likable perhaps. To be the person someone else needs in their life.
To be.. less of me, and more of the image someone else will love.

But what about the real me ? My feelings and desires ? My illusions, maybe ?
I may be too much to handle, or I may be too little.. Who knows!

I just wish, knowing how to feel about certain things would become easier..

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Reading your words here.. and also reading a string of your soulful posts just now..I feel my soul connected,understood and a deep appreciation for all you have shared from your heart and spirit..and experiences! Beautiful, powerful and poetic...thank you for being just what I needed to connect with today..your writing is amazing..shine on!