Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It's like .. that

It's that fluttery sensation..
the excitement that cannot and does not want to be contained.

The increasing pulse, the fast-paced heartbeat
a roller-coaster ride to the unexpected.

It's the hope of a new morning,
the sensation of welcoming arms, warm.. loving..

A blank canvas to be painted with an array of colors,
a new song to sing out-loud,
a new smile to kiss, new eyes to greet

It's the mystery of the unknown,
the not having a safety net,
believing in the it, the who, the why

Feeling every bit of fresh air,
tracing silhouettes with new hands,
the embrace of a sweet breath..

And letting go.. Getting lost..
to the point of no return,
and loving every minute of it..


.. But her reflection wasn't there .. Mesmerized, she kept looking, hoping, waiting

Patiently still, stupidly cold, while millions of stories surrounded her 
She wasn't a part of them, they weren't a part of her and she couldn't help but wonder

What would her story tell ? Would it come out some day ? Would anyone really care ?
She wanted nothing and wanted all, but was silently begging to be heard..