Tuesday, March 24, 2015


One way or another people will somehow always disappoint you..

Suddenly, you hear the phrase "no expectations, no disappointments" and while it is absolutely true, you can't help but wonder how many actually have the grace of applying it, living by it, believing it to their very core.

I have learned that life is a constant battle of trying to understand situations, people, places, characteristics...without judgment. And I have also learned that putting yourself out there brings you to great knowledge, to things that will leave their mark in your life (good or bad).. To feelings that perhaps aren't what you were expecting at a certain point, but that will change you forever.

Despite the fact that I have been faced with experiences that should have taught me a thing or two about human nature, I can't help but fall over and over in the perception that perhaps, one time, it will be different. That perhaps, the good that I want to see in someone else, is actually there. That maybe.. just maybe, the foggy crystal that reflects whatever it is I have imagined of the other person will clear out, and I will get the exact shape that was outlined behind it.

I'm still growing I guess. I'm still learning and I have no one to blame at times, but myself. Maybe - in reality - all that I need to do is learn one single thing that will save me time, effort, emotions... avoid certain situations, certain scenes.

I need to learn.. People grow out of commitments, responsibilities, promises...

People change. They just forget to tell each other.

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