Tuesday, February 24, 2015


".. Because some people come into your life as a shooting star, a momentary ray of light meant to show you a new path..

Others, come as a calming breeze, easing the burns left by the past

Some are lucky to share only a part of your journey,
and some will walk with you endlessly, restlessly, truthfully

Because sometimes it only takes a moment to realize the value of a good heart
and sometimes it takes being heartbroken to want back what once was

Because a smile can break you or make you
and a simple word can heal you or hurt you..
is up to you to limit the depth of the wounds

Some know when to close a chapter
and others choose to read through the old lines
forgetting where the author of the story lies

Because whether you read the story, you tell it or you write it,
it will always leave an imprint,
it will always be part of your tale .. "