Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20: The Overbearing Feeling of Happiness

Once upon a time.. and not too long ago, the immaculate conception of a fairy tale overpowered existence.. and beyond any reasonable believe, things have turned out to be just exactly as they are supposed to.
Talk about fate, huh ?

While not too many words can describe feelings, many others can indeed be use to make a special someone feel appreciated, admired and loved. After a lot of personal research, I did find what I was looking for.

Not an explanation, not a reason to be or to feel.. But that certainty that makes everything work. Makes everything be perfect in its own way.

Many would say days are countless when you are blessed, and they would even suggest to take a breather and come back to reality.

Well, my answer ? My reality has overcome my dreams, has successfully surpass the experiences I had only imagined before this, and has turned into my most appreciated gift and my most precious desire.

My "once upon a time" became my ... "and they lived happily ever after" .. I can only hope for two things. That the sense and feeling of happiness and completion is mutual, the feeling of how unbelievably lucky we are ... and that the blessings surrounding us today, only grow and strengthen with the many more days to come.