Monday, November 22, 2010

I've always known .. It's You ..

I know what I want..
I'v always known..

A warm hug, a smile, the soft laughter of a good time
the sensitive caress of your breath next to my skin
the truth behind your hazel eyes and the strength of your soul

The voice that lingering keeps me still and down to earth
the humble heart that does not know when to stop giving
the firm hands that work non-stop for the future

A strong character that does not dwell even when it seems impossible to resist
the lips that kiss but don't tell, that speak but not lie, that so often have been mine
the embrace of never wanting to let go, the desire of never wanting it to stop

I've always known..
I just kept waiting until you showed up, until life would be fair enough to bring you to my door and show me that in reality, you were far more fascinating that in any of my dreams.. that in any of my wishes..

You brought with you a new light and a new meaning
showed me that admiration for someone else was possible and feasible
and that loving without boundaries, without regrets, with only hope and pure desire is not only possible, but the only way to love truly, madly and deeply..

I knew before and I know now
that my days have a different story and my perspective keeps changing each day,
becoming wider, becoming more real and more human

That my moments of solitude are rare and that enjoying life has turned into magic by spending each moment by your side..
I've come to touch the sky, light the starts, kiss the moon and fly around the universe because of you..

I've learned that forever is now, happiness is subjective and love can really conquer all.

I've always known .. that love is You.

[ N.A.N. ]


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Uliana said...

Adore these your words and thoughts! I feel completely same thing and still ...wait it. Thanks!:)