Sunday, November 21, 2010

And It Feels Like Sand.. Slipping Thru' My Fingers..

Thats what reality feels like these days..
it goes by unnoticed, unbiased, unseen..
She seems to forget who we are, why we're here for

On different days, the sun heats the sorrow
takes away the pain and allows for reassurance
Others, its cold grip seems to tie my heart and unleash pure lust

My reality has changed.. Several months have come and gone
yet my season remains the same, untouched
Believing in that same old fairy tale that will never end

Holding on too tight will suffocate my desire ..
yet my fear of letting loose reminds me it could fly away
So I fight, each and every day, to find that balance ..

[ .. .. ]



Ostinato said...
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Ostinato said...

Hey silver rocket,
The fact is that, change is the rule of nature. even if you hold it for long, it is changing automatically inside ur hands.

being a first time visitor in your beautiful blog...keep on writting. since long time, nothing has came up frm u.