Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Man I Admire

His looks are often deceiving
rough around the edges and unbreakable
but under that iron wall
his heart and soul are pure..

The target of tough critics
yet his strength surpasses each and every one of them
His essence is real and nothing stops him

The Man I Admire
is gentle in his touch with an incomparable character
his like no one else I've known
like nothing else I've seen

The world keeps spinning and he wont fall
the truth of his eyes is worth more than the words of his opposers
simple words that the wind blows away
and his actions prevail

He is often taken for granted and even hurt
yet what no one seems to know is how every single time they try to break him
he raises to the occasion, above everything and everyone

The Man I Admire
is true to his values, his morals, his beliefs
he won't let anything drag him to a point where he will betray himself
Integrity and passion keep him accompanied

His devotion to what he does, to what he loves
his will to fight for everything, to face everything
no matter how bad things might get at some point
his phoenix-like attitude takes him above all

The Man I Admire
Will not forget himself along the way,
will not forget how much he is loved
and how much he is blessed.

The Man I Admire.. Is You.