Monday, April 26, 2010

For Neno ..

He smiled at her..
It was the first time the warmth of a smile had touched her heart.
And she had loved before. She had cared, perhaps in different ways and different times

His essence was a change..
It was as a brand new sparkling day filled with hope
As if the breeze had change its course and was only there for her

He showed her a different sentiment, a different expression
It was like a complete change of perspective, a new gift of life
And she believed her luck had finally turned around

His heart was pure from start, his soul had a different charm
And she felt taken aback.. Swept off her feet and mesmerized
The torturous hours had turn into marvelous desires ..

The smile on his face was a brand new spectrum of wishes
She had finally fallen in love in the purest and simplest way
And the feeling had swirled around her and made it perfect

The sense of stopping time,
The desire of his hands and his kiss
The look in his eyes
The sound of his voice
The way he made her safe and special
The way she was important for someone
The way she meant something for someone

He had taken her life and painted it with new colors
She had met a soul to keep her company
She would be forever grateful ..
She would be forever in love ..


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wooden Doll

There once was a wooden doll
with a broken smile on her scarlet face
She was placed above the rest
as if something different had happened to her..

Her eyes were wide and clear
perhaps result of the flow of tears
her hands were closed as if they carried no more hope

She was alone, watching from above
as the rest of the dolls enjoyed the world
it was mundane the lonely feeling, and she resented
not having the same freedom

And then one day she was picked up
from the lonely shelter where she had been hiding

The hands were soft, yet strong..
and with immense care handled her way
The wooden doll was mesmerized.. and stayed in awe

His hands had found the way
his care had woken up a flow of sentiments that were dead
She felt surprised and thankful
he carried himself with a natural sense..

The wood had vanished and left her free
and no longer she sat alone above the rest
Her heart was filled with warmth and love
.. ..

She was no longer known as the Wooden Doll ..