Monday, January 25, 2010


It takes 60 seconds to change someone's perspective
it takes a breath, a break, a moment
The actual will to do it

It has nothing more to it, than wanting it
than realizing things are a certain way and understanding
how prematurely we can be deceived by what it seems
and be fooled for what it was

It takes less than 60 seconds to make someone smile or cry
to change a person's life or their emotions
and to change your own..

One single instant can change faith,
it can cure a heartbreak
and help heal a wound

In a minute, you can become an entirely different person
in the eyes of a stranger
Or become a perfect stranger in the eyes of someone loved

Valuable as it is,
in 60 seconds one look can become the world to someone
one word can become a life to someone
one expression might be the reflection of a lifetime

It takes a breath, a break, a moment
and it takes the will to actually wanting do it

It can be as soon as now or as far as never
but why wouldn't You ?
why wouldn't I ?

Why would you let slide by those 60 seconds that can make me smile ?
Or why would I ignore that same amount of time
to show the truth behind my eyes ?

We can make it all different from what it seems, from what it is
change a tear for the laughter of a youngster
or a cold hand for the warm embrace of love..

60 seconds of your time to change my life
60 seconds of my time to change your life

One single breath is all it takes..


Monday, January 18, 2010


Writing on the walls of my subconscience
leaving permanent imprints of what it is, of what it was
losing the battle with a pure understanding
and drifting into what seems to be the darkest abyss of perception

The wonders of my thoughts are countless
and the secrets of my mind are vast and rare
My perfect illusion imitates a reality that does not exist
and within the borders of hope, it disappears

It doesn't turn more black even when it doesn't stop hurting
it does not become easier to subside and accept
Reaching out, looking for the final light where it all breaks apart
the hours seem to pass by without any kind of care nor evidence

And I keep writing,
the last verses of my existence, the last breath I will ever take
My walls might tell a secret, might tell a few
my battle will be the final chapter when the book is finally closed

The imprint will have my name and I will take the vivid remembrance with me
I will say good bye and it will see me go
And the writings will tell their story..
My story..