Monday, November 22, 2010

I've always known .. It's You ..

I know what I want..
I'v always known..

A warm hug, a smile, the soft laughter of a good time
the sensitive caress of your breath next to my skin
the truth behind your hazel eyes and the strength of your soul

The voice that lingering keeps me still and down to earth
the humble heart that does not know when to stop giving
the firm hands that work non-stop for the future

A strong character that does not dwell even when it seems impossible to resist
the lips that kiss but don't tell, that speak but not lie, that so often have been mine
the embrace of never wanting to let go, the desire of never wanting it to stop

I've always known..
I just kept waiting until you showed up, until life would be fair enough to bring you to my door and show me that in reality, you were far more fascinating that in any of my dreams.. that in any of my wishes..

You brought with you a new light and a new meaning
showed me that admiration for someone else was possible and feasible
and that loving without boundaries, without regrets, with only hope and pure desire is not only possible, but the only way to love truly, madly and deeply..

I knew before and I know now
that my days have a different story and my perspective keeps changing each day,
becoming wider, becoming more real and more human

That my moments of solitude are rare and that enjoying life has turned into magic by spending each moment by your side..
I've come to touch the sky, light the starts, kiss the moon and fly around the universe because of you..

I've learned that forever is now, happiness is subjective and love can really conquer all.

I've always known .. that love is You.

[ N.A.N. ]


Sunday, November 21, 2010

And It Feels Like Sand.. Slipping Thru' My Fingers..

Thats what reality feels like these days..
it goes by unnoticed, unbiased, unseen..
She seems to forget who we are, why we're here for

On different days, the sun heats the sorrow
takes away the pain and allows for reassurance
Others, its cold grip seems to tie my heart and unleash pure lust

My reality has changed.. Several months have come and gone
yet my season remains the same, untouched
Believing in that same old fairy tale that will never end

Holding on too tight will suffocate my desire ..
yet my fear of letting loose reminds me it could fly away
So I fight, each and every day, to find that balance ..

[ .. .. ]


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Man I Admire

His looks are often deceiving
rough around the edges and unbreakable
but under that iron wall
his heart and soul are pure..

The target of tough critics
yet his strength surpasses each and every one of them
His essence is real and nothing stops him

The Man I Admire
is gentle in his touch with an incomparable character
his like no one else I've known
like nothing else I've seen

The world keeps spinning and he wont fall
the truth of his eyes is worth more than the words of his opposers
simple words that the wind blows away
and his actions prevail

He is often taken for granted and even hurt
yet what no one seems to know is how every single time they try to break him
he raises to the occasion, above everything and everyone

The Man I Admire
is true to his values, his morals, his beliefs
he won't let anything drag him to a point where he will betray himself
Integrity and passion keep him accompanied

His devotion to what he does, to what he loves
his will to fight for everything, to face everything
no matter how bad things might get at some point
his phoenix-like attitude takes him above all

The Man I Admire
Will not forget himself along the way,
will not forget how much he is loved
and how much he is blessed.

The Man I Admire.. Is You.



Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm not mad at you ..
I'm mad at myself for not trusting your better judgement..
I fell in love with you .. with all your amazing qualities
and the flaws that make you human .. with the fact that you knew better than me
and the knowledge that your strength can protect me..

I am mad at myself for caring in a way that hurts us both
for being selfish beyond my control and for underestimating your decision
even when I feel in my core is not the right one.. is Yours

I am mad for being overemotional
for being immature at times and for picking on stuff I should just let go of

I am mad at you for not listening ..
for not remembering..
for not considering..

I am sad for letting it all affect me and angry because I don't see the remedy
I am pissed.. upset.. mad.. taken aback.. desperate.. and all the words you might want to call it..
All the feelings you might want to think about ..

And suddenly I am speechless .. Wordless .. Feelingless..
Just Hurt ..

[ Untitled ]

Me molesta darme cuenta que mis palabras chocan contra el vacio
que una pared me recibe y me acoge con la triste bienvenida del olvido
me duele que las espinas se me clavan sin cesar y que las palabras simplemente dejan de ser..

Me lastima no ser mas que un espejismo de lo pasado,
un recuerdo de lo prohibido y un himno a lo que no sera..
Se siente frio y seco el ambiente..
La realidad pertenece a otra dimension, a otras personas, con otros sentidos..

La pasion que desprenden mis caricias son consumidas y dejadas atras
mis palabras no sirvien de consuelo y mi actitud nunca es suficiente..
Tal vez no soy suficiente..

No basta con ser un alma preocupada, abnegada y entregada
no basta con ser y querer.. estar y poder
El dolor siempre es mas poderoso, consume mas rapido, destruye con mas fortaleza
y desvanece toda existencia..

Los mil y un deseos positivos son envueltos en la vibra del no querer
del no hacer .. y yo ? La pregunta retumba en mi conciencia como si la respuesta no existiese.. como si yo no existiese..

La razon nunca ha sido amiga del corazon,
lo traiciona, lo envuelve y manipula.. y el indefenso sufre cada punalada como si fuese la primera vez.. como si la experiencia siempre fuese ajena a su recorrido..

Nunca he aprendido a dejar fluir sin preocuparme
nunca he aprendido a entregarme con limitaciones
nunca he aprendido a que las demas cosas simplemente no son como yo quiero
nunca he aprendido que las demas personas tienen su propia forma y yo solo soy una simple mortal que no puede y no debe cambiarlas
nunca he aprendido que mis sufrimientos son mis lecciones de vida
nunca he aprendido que cada lagrima me hace fuerte, aunque en el momento me quiebren la vida
nunca he aprendido que una sonrisa falsa me traicionara dos pasos mas adelante
nunca he aprendido que mis palabras, dichas o escritas, de alguna forma seran usadas en mi contra
nunca he aprendido que los demas son y ya.. tienen y ya.. y eso no implica nada magnifico
nunca he aprendido que aunque muchos me ven como una buena persona, mi propio juicio no sobrepasa esa calificacion
nunca he aprendido a no entristecer .. mis lagrimas parecen tener en ocasiones vida propia
nunca he aprendido que los dias no me acercan a mis suenos, simplemente me alejan de lo ficticio
nunca he aprendido que mi pensar y mi sentir es mio.. y ya.. nadie lo comparte
nunca he aprendido que mi forma de ser es MIA.. nadie la tiene, nadie la copia, nadie la imita y simplemente nadie tiene las ganas de hacerlo
nunca he aprendido a comprender sin cuestionar, a creer sin preguntar, a halagar sin juzgar, a mirar sin advertir ni a sentir sin lastimar
nunca he aprendido que mis sentimientos son eso.. las cosas que siento, las que me hacen feliz y las que me lastiman.. pero son mios.. yo los tengo en mi y yo se que hacer con ellos
nunca he aprendido que la opinion de los demas siempre va despues de la mia
nunca he aprendido que hay cosas que no importan.. que hay personas que no importan.. o simplemente, dejan de importar ..

Me juzgo, me critico, me maltrato como el peor de los enemigos lo haria
me pregunto, me analizo y me vuelco en emociones que al final del dia, solo me llevan a la misma conclusion.. la mia.

La unica que me acompana y de la que nunca he aprendido a desprenderme ..


One Is Never Enough..

Fucking pissed!
Yes, angry at the mere existent of today
at the fact that seems turn around in a minute
at the night because it becomes cold and shallow
and the day becomes bright and vain..

Mad at the whole world for just being
at the surroundings for never being enough
at the attitude of others for becoming self-centered
and oblivious to reality..

Mentally blocked and trying not to feel
not to say
not to realize
just want it all to end..
Just want it all to end..

The realization is cold and empty
the desire is true and powerful ..
like a diseases that is meant to kill you yet only prolongs the agony of the days
like a broken smile and haunts you from the past..

ONE is never enough.. THINGS are never enough..
there will always be the wish for something else
for someone else
for someone else's
there will always be the constant comparison
the never ending judgment and the fucking despair ..

The solitude, the hurt, the tears, the screaming and shouting
all condensed in one single soul..
My Soul..


Monday, April 26, 2010

For Neno ..

He smiled at her..
It was the first time the warmth of a smile had touched her heart.
And she had loved before. She had cared, perhaps in different ways and different times

His essence was a change..
It was as a brand new sparkling day filled with hope
As if the breeze had change its course and was only there for her

He showed her a different sentiment, a different expression
It was like a complete change of perspective, a new gift of life
And she believed her luck had finally turned around

His heart was pure from start, his soul had a different charm
And she felt taken aback.. Swept off her feet and mesmerized
The torturous hours had turn into marvelous desires ..

The smile on his face was a brand new spectrum of wishes
She had finally fallen in love in the purest and simplest way
And the feeling had swirled around her and made it perfect

The sense of stopping time,
The desire of his hands and his kiss
The look in his eyes
The sound of his voice
The way he made her safe and special
The way she was important for someone
The way she meant something for someone

He had taken her life and painted it with new colors
She had met a soul to keep her company
She would be forever grateful ..
She would be forever in love ..


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wooden Doll

There once was a wooden doll
with a broken smile on her scarlet face
She was placed above the rest
as if something different had happened to her..

Her eyes were wide and clear
perhaps result of the flow of tears
her hands were closed as if they carried no more hope

She was alone, watching from above
as the rest of the dolls enjoyed the world
it was mundane the lonely feeling, and she resented
not having the same freedom

And then one day she was picked up
from the lonely shelter where she had been hiding

The hands were soft, yet strong..
and with immense care handled her way
The wooden doll was mesmerized.. and stayed in awe

His hands had found the way
his care had woken up a flow of sentiments that were dead
She felt surprised and thankful
he carried himself with a natural sense..

The wood had vanished and left her free
and no longer she sat alone above the rest
Her heart was filled with warmth and love
.. ..

She was no longer known as the Wooden Doll ..


Monday, January 25, 2010


It takes 60 seconds to change someone's perspective
it takes a breath, a break, a moment
The actual will to do it

It has nothing more to it, than wanting it
than realizing things are a certain way and understanding
how prematurely we can be deceived by what it seems
and be fooled for what it was

It takes less than 60 seconds to make someone smile or cry
to change a person's life or their emotions
and to change your own..

One single instant can change faith,
it can cure a heartbreak
and help heal a wound

In a minute, you can become an entirely different person
in the eyes of a stranger
Or become a perfect stranger in the eyes of someone loved

Valuable as it is,
in 60 seconds one look can become the world to someone
one word can become a life to someone
one expression might be the reflection of a lifetime

It takes a breath, a break, a moment
and it takes the will to actually wanting do it

It can be as soon as now or as far as never
but why wouldn't You ?
why wouldn't I ?

Why would you let slide by those 60 seconds that can make me smile ?
Or why would I ignore that same amount of time
to show the truth behind my eyes ?

We can make it all different from what it seems, from what it is
change a tear for the laughter of a youngster
or a cold hand for the warm embrace of love..

60 seconds of your time to change my life
60 seconds of my time to change your life

One single breath is all it takes..


Monday, January 18, 2010


Writing on the walls of my subconscience
leaving permanent imprints of what it is, of what it was
losing the battle with a pure understanding
and drifting into what seems to be the darkest abyss of perception

The wonders of my thoughts are countless
and the secrets of my mind are vast and rare
My perfect illusion imitates a reality that does not exist
and within the borders of hope, it disappears

It doesn't turn more black even when it doesn't stop hurting
it does not become easier to subside and accept
Reaching out, looking for the final light where it all breaks apart
the hours seem to pass by without any kind of care nor evidence

And I keep writing,
the last verses of my existence, the last breath I will ever take
My walls might tell a secret, might tell a few
my battle will be the final chapter when the book is finally closed

The imprint will have my name and I will take the vivid remembrance with me
I will say good bye and it will see me go
And the writings will tell their story..
My story..