Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's been bittersweet.. But I can say good-bye now..

As the end approaches,
the sublime remembering of days long gone surrounds me..
as every other passing one,
it's been an incomparable journey..

Perhaps.. la travesia esta vez fue mas sentida que los anteriores,
tal vez.. mas cargada de emociones y experiencias..
Yet its flavor remains as bittersweet..

Me despido de un hermoso hogar,
para regresar a una antigua casa..
I leave new friends behind and reunite with my old ones,
the ones that have always been..

Las luces de mi ciudad cambiaron y con ellas, la vista desde mi ventana
mi perspectiva de vida.. la calidez de mi entorno..
I've been shedding skin and memories while I continue to build new steps..

Looking back, it's been a tough one..
it has made my core thicker and I've known what scars are made of..
I've known love and I have lost it..
And I have won it back..

I have laughed non-stop and cried myself to sleep..
I've said hello and good-bye so many times that I can't keep count
I have missed and have desired, yet I carry no regrets

He pensado que la vida es injusta y he deseado caminos alternos
he perdido la paciencia solo para darme cuenta que nunca la he tenido de mi lado
my wars have been blood-deep and yet I'm still waiting for my victory

I've been thankful and I've been ungrateful..
No se si he pedido mas de lo que he brindado, pero dudo haber lastimado
con intencion o con un deseo vehemente..

Me he confesado un sinnumero de veces conmigo misma
y he profanado contra toda existencia..
I've been lied to and I have lied..
I've denied my feelings and I've hidden my sorrow for the peace of others
He perdido cuenta de las lagrimas y de las sonrisas
pero cada una ha dejado su indeleble huella

Le dije adios a una etapa de crecimiento por la cual estare eternamente agradecida
y aun en los malos momentos, creo que no he dejado de ser bendecida
My constant struggle with myself reminds me that is not over..
Its just another 365-day-long tour gone by and the clock won't stop at the beginning of the new one..

He perdido y he ganado..
y he dejado de lado sin ningun tipo de remordimiento
Me han robado ilusiones y me he aferrado en la creacion de nuevos suenos

I can't look back with a full smile and no tears..
Nor with tears and not a single smile because I've gotten both
Because I've experienced both

But I can say good-bye now, because it's time has run
And I can wish for the start of a better one..

✼ 〯Es posible que la dicha o felicidad completa no exista.. pero la ilusion que causa alcanzarla es la esperanza que cada ser humano debe llevar en su corazon, en su vida.. El placer de los buenos momentos y las ensenanzas de los dificiles.
Recordar su paso sin ningun tipo de arrepentimientos es una tarea individual, pero en conjunto, se puede hacer que el recorrido al final valga la pena.-

May you have a Happy New Year and may you find within you the peace and joy you need to shine with your own light, never forgetting your true worth.

Love always,


Monday, December 14, 2009

Attesa da Trovare

Like a simple whisper, shallow and sad
your shadow of existence remained..
The sounds that the night dragged
were now just simple memories left behind

With open-welcoming arms you stood by
only to realize no one was coming to them
There was just an empty space
an empty shell that no one wanted

The day brought its common light
yet your own personal darkness consumed you
no other place, no other time..
with no other wish but to die..

And you.. You remained calmed
like a lonely leaf on a windless night
Like your dreams and desires had vanished
and mere existence had stopped permanently..

You waited..
standing still,
letting the silence of your surroundings take over
watching life pass by you turning you into a silent witness

And dreamed.. of that moment..
of that particular space of time
when you would finally be found..

✼ 〯And when she was asked what she wanted more than anything in life, her answer was simple: Found .. .. - A.R.