Sunday, August 30, 2009


Encerrada dentro de las entrañas indelebles de tu existencia
captiva y ausente del mundo alla afuera, sin paz, sin aire..
Simplemente con la respiracion cortada por tu abrazo maligno
y sin poder escapar de ti, de esto..

Within the walls of consciousness I can't find peace of mind
no rest, no conclusions.. yet time stands still
Like a never-ending reminder of what I might be missing out
I fell prey and now I can't escape..

Sin razon alguna el encierro se hace letal
y la aungustia me consume, me aterra..
Pasó de ser un paseo de ilusiones en un castillo de cristal
a un tormento de emociones en un ataud de hierro..

And I fight, to break out free
my strength deliberately dwelling into nothing
and I.. seeing my reflection like a blur
A vision that is not really there anymore

Perdida, secuestrada y olvidada por mi misma
y por las almas ajenas a mi, que ignoran mi grito de ayuda
me siento.. impaciente y vacia.. destrozada y desganada
a esperas de ser liberada ..


Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Said That..

Who said a birthday is important anyways ? Its just another day of the year.. now celebrating life and your existence.. that should be something to look forward to everyday, and being able to share it with someone that loves you unconditionally ..

That what's important is what you do on your every day life ? When reality is that the people that you have around, are the ones that can make it worth while and the ones that can cause and impact or a change, the ones that can make you or break you with their words and their actions.. in the end, you need to remain true to yourself..

That loving someone else is far more important than loving yourself ? Truth is that no one can make you feel better if you don't rely on your own strength to be happy. That no matter how much you give to someone else, you need to treat yourself every day with unconditional love, undeniable honesty and hoping for a brighter moment with each passing second..

That words can mean the world to someone ? When there is no action that follows, the words are just empty and shallow.. they mean nothing and are worth nothing, they are gone with the wind of the next morning.. thats why you need to act upon your belief all the time..

Who told you that nothing can cure a broken heart and that you won't love the same way ever again ? If you give yourself the time to heal and maintain your hope and never stop dreaming, the right person might just be around the corner, patiently waiting to show you that what happened before was just a little bump on the road and that happiness lies ahead for you.

Who said that crying over someone is a bad thing ? Perhaps that person out there will never deserve your tears, but they are yours to let them out and with them the anxiety and pain of getting hurt - with them, you let go of the resentment and put your soul at ease..

Who said that a good-bye is necessarily forever ? Sometimes you need to let go to be able to see if it was truly yours or meant to be.. It might come back and your sad good-bye might become a wonderful new hello..


Photography by Rebecca White