Thursday, December 25, 2008

So.. ?

You take a sip of wine and can't help but wonder..
Is it true? 
The solitude of your table reminds you that time has passed
and that with it, it took away your reasons..

Your smile has become a blurry smirk 
and your ideas seem to have no target, no purpose
The night caresses your existence
and a single tear is the witness to that moment..

ou stop to think that maybe, life itself is nothing but a russian roulette 
your whole perception of reality is nothing but a story you've heard before..
so many times, but never changing shape..
by so many people, yet no one adds their own share ..

Your glass tumbles down in a red cascade of despair 
and you feel the sudden panic of not belonging anymore
To anyone.. Or anywhere.. 
So.. what then ?


I'll drink to you.. Dear loneliness, and to your dark shadow, the one that embraces with its cold hand, and grips firmly until there's no air ..