Friday, August 29, 2008


You keep trying to look beyond your gray wall...
the one that keeps consuming your heart and your soul,
the one that does not allow you to enjoy the feeling of being truly happy.

You keep taking steps back every time you feel exposed,
not noticing how each random step really brings you closer to the edge.

Your mind keeps spinning into an overwhelming silence
and the loneliness that surrounds you, takes over the hopes and dreams,
those that you build and that with your own actions you destroy.

Your cry is heard in the depth of darkness 
and you realize, that the only embrace left for you
is the one of that single cold moment.
And you wake up.. 
You open your eyes to that raw reality that is only there to show you, that you have been the one hiding behind the fog..
That you are the master and creator of your own gray wall.