Sunday, July 27, 2008


You sit and wait. Your mind wandering about what's next.
No one has given you a magic crystal ball with the answers to every question you may have, so your only choice is to play the game. Play life.

You have taken every opportunity you thought was great and let slipped the ones that didn't convince you. You have made your way and built your own path. 

No one is the architect of your existence, but yourself. No one is entitled to tell you how, why and when to be happy; and for sure, no one can hurt you without you granting them permission. 

You can hide behind a mask, behind a wall of lies. You can pretend to be someone else or hide your sorrows with a smile. Your whole surrounding is a reflection of your inner self, a trigger that forces you to face reality.

You live... And your constant walk is a reminder that time never stops. So why wait?
Life can either punish or reward you for your actions, but you are the only owner of that result.

So, flip a coin. Make your choice.
Destiny only takes its toll when you allow it.-

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[ . . . ]

Is it bad when you suddenly feel tired and just ready to give up ? .. "Tirar la toalla" some would say. Granted, I have probably a thousand and one reasons to be happy.
I am amongst the lucky ones that have a family, health, friends, a job, goals and even dreams.
Call it the "picture perfect moment"..

Then "boom" reality hits you. Check back to reality 101! Right across your face. I am a happy person. Always trying to stay on the positive side and brightening someone's day when is needed. But, with reason they say, payback is a bitch.

One day your whole way of thinking seems struck by lightning and you dwell. Te dejas ir lentamente, en caida libre hacia.. donde exactamente ? Tic Toc.. La nocion de que el reloj sigue corriendo con o sin mi atencion. Que la vida sigue pasando con o sin mi presencia.

Maybe, just maybe it's simply another gray day for me.. Hormonal ? Possibly. Hurtful ? 40% of the time. Something that will pass ? Definitely.

Probablemente lo he aprendido de forma sutil o,sin darme cuenta, si lo he aprendido de forma brutal y he sabido salir adelante; pero one thing is for sure:
" Whether is good or is bad.. Nothing really lasts forever"

This day shall too pass y manana volvere a sonrerir seguro..meanwhile, my-"with or without reason"- free fall onto nowhere keeps its incessant course.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Te sientas a pensar.. 
a mirar por tu ventana hacia ese recorrer que muchos llaman vida.
Eres un testigo de esa sinfonia interminable de vivencias..

Contemplas con atencion cada detalle del pasar continuo del mundo,
sin un "stop sign".. 
No hay un muro de contencion.. ni escalas en una isla lejana 
o en el paraiso prometido.

Te das cuenta que cada nueva persona trae consigo un secreto, 
el pesar de su existencia; las alegrias de los recuerdos 
o la fantasia del futuro que desean alcanzar.
Y tu... Te limitas a callar y a observar. 
Como buen pintor de realidades, 
tus pinceladas son impresiones con una analogia agridulce.
De tu vivir salen las mas sublimes obras de arte.
Deberias ya de aceptar que la belleza de esas piezas, esta en el ojo de quien las observa.

El susurro del tiempo te recuerda que tu tambien tienes el derecho a ser feliz, 
que eres tan parte del mundo alla afuera como tus emociones te lo permitan. 

Y si te das cuenta, no existe un cristal; si te fijas bien.. mas alla de aquella vieja cortina, tu ventana sigue abierta.