Thursday, December 25, 2008

So.. ?

You take a sip of wine and can't help but wonder..
Is it true? 
The solitude of your table reminds you that time has passed
and that with it, it took away your reasons..

Your smile has become a blurry smirk 
and your ideas seem to have no target, no purpose
The night caresses your existence
and a single tear is the witness to that moment..

ou stop to think that maybe, life itself is nothing but a russian roulette 
your whole perception of reality is nothing but a story you've heard before..
so many times, but never changing shape..
by so many people, yet no one adds their own share ..

Your glass tumbles down in a red cascade of despair 
and you feel the sudden panic of not belonging anymore
To anyone.. Or anywhere.. 
So.. what then ?


I'll drink to you.. Dear loneliness, and to your dark shadow, the one that embraces with its cold hand, and grips firmly until there's no air ..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ser Feliz ...

Podés tener defectos, vivir ansioso y estar irritado algunas veces, pero no te olvides de que tu vida es la mayor empresa del mundo. Solo vos podés evitar que ella vaya en decadencia. Hay muchas personas que te precisan, admiran y te quieren.

Me gustaría que siempre recordaras que ser feliz no es tener un cielo sin tempestades, caminos sin
accidentes, trabajos sin cansancio, relaciones sin decepciones.

Ser feliz es encontrar fuerza en el perdón, esperanza en las batallas, seguridad en el palco del miedo, amor en los desencuentros.

Ser feliz no es solo valorizar la sonrisa, sino también reflexionar sobre la tristeza.

No es apenas conmemorar el suceso, sino aprender lecciones en los fracasos.

No es apenas tener alegría con los aplausos, sino encontrar alegría en el anonimato.

Ser feliz es reconocer que vale la pena vivir la vida, a pesar de todos los desafíos, incomprensiones y períodos de crisis.

Ser feliz no es una fatalidad del destino, sino una conquista de quien sabe viajar para dentro de su propio ser.

Ser feliz es dejar de ser víctima de los problemas y volverse un actor de la propia historia.

Es atravesar desiertos fuera de sí, mas ser capaz de encontrar un oasis en lo recóndito de nuestra alma.

Es agradecer a Dios cada mañana por el milagro de la vida.

Ser feliz es no tener miedo de los propios sentimientos.

Es saber hablar de uno mismo.

Es tener coraje para oír un 'NO'.

Es tener seguridad para recibir una crítica, aunque sea injusta.

Es besar a los hijos, mimar a los padres y tener momentos poéticos con los amigos, aunque ellos nos hieran.

Ser feliz es dejar vivir a la criatura libre, alegre y simple que vive dentro de cada uno de nosotros.

Es tener madurez para decir 'me equivoqué'.

Es tener la osadía para decir 'perdóname'.

Es tener sensibilidad para expresar 'te necesito'.

Es tener capacidad de decir 'te amo'.

Deseo que tu vida se vuelva un jardín de oportunidades para ser feliz... Que en tus primaveras seas amante de la alegría. Que en tus inviernos seas amigo de la sabiduría. Y, cuando te equivoques en el camino, comiences todo de nuevo. Pues así serás cada vez más apasionado por la vida.

Y descubrirás que... Ser feliz no es tener una vida perfecta sino usar las lágrimas para regar la tolerancia. Usar las pérdidas para refinar la paciencia. Usar las fallas para esculpir la serenidad. Usar el dolor para lapidar el placer. Usar los obstáculos para abrir las ventanas de la inteligencia.

Jamás desistas. Jamás desistas de las personas que amas. Jamás desistas de ser feliz, pues la vida es un espectáculo imperdible. ¡Y sos un ser humano especial!

Autor Desconocido.

[ ...Just a little something I found .. somewhere lost, somewhere forgotten.. but never really gone - A good piece of paper that is worth reading even after time has passed and your travesy has changed...]

Friday, October 17, 2008

Against All Odds

I know..
I take full responsibility and I assume the outcome.
It doesn't make it any easier, does it?

Es muy dificil aceptar cuando las cosas se salen de tus manos
y ese control que creias tener, desaparece.
You dwell.

Ese espacio vacio te acoge como el enemigo perfecto, ese que te desgarra sin que lo sepas
y en silencio te consume.
The irony of it all is that, somewhere inside of you, you always knew.

The magic spell is gone. El hechizo se rompe y la ilusion queda escondida en el umbral de tu recuerdo.
Look back at me.. At him or her...and at yourself.
Lo ves ahi pintado? Dibujado con pinceladas agridulces?

And someone keeps telling you to move on. Despite everything and against all odds.
I carry no regrets from that moment nor from this one.
Mi equipaje no es la sombra de un tormento irreversible.

I assume that with each new step, I try to learn to carry hope instead of sorrow.
Joy instead of washing tears. And a loving heart willing to accept.

Las lamentaciones nunca ayudan a cicatrizar. And yes, perhaps... I've been wrong all my life.
Maybe.. But living cherishing is better than hiding away.

Someone just told me:
"Recuerda siempre pensar con tu intuicion, porque el corazon es mejor que la mente. La mente solo supone; el corazon sabe" ..

It's human nature to debate between the two. Pero es de sabios reconocer la felicidad cuando te pasa de lado y no dejarla escapar.

Think about it...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


You take the day off. You sit. You wander around.
Somehow, in the back of your mind, things start a a never-ending circle of "what-if" and "what-not".
You crumble. Like that lonely cookie inside the jar. The very last one no one seems to pay attention to? Yeap, that one.

You shake it off. You get moving and start a new pace.
Somehow, you are haunted by the sublime reminiscence of yesterdays gone by, friends gone too soon.. experiences learned too abruptly.

So you take a sip of life.
You create your very own
"picture-perfect world" and you dress up with the illusions of a better morning.
Somehow, drifted among the spirits of those stories never told, you pay attention to
the existence of a true desire for something.. for someone.

You make your move. You take that step forward into the unknown. You simply .. mmm..
DARE to do it all. Somewhere along the way you may question yourself. On that same path, you may let go.
definitely, at some point, you will be ignoring the plaguing questionings of your surroundings.

Somehow you take it all in. You
always move forward. You simply learn that looking back is just part of the journey, but NEVER a permanent call to your past.

Friday, August 29, 2008


You keep trying to look beyond your gray wall...
the one that keeps consuming your heart and your soul,
the one that does not allow you to enjoy the feeling of being truly happy.

You keep taking steps back every time you feel exposed,
not noticing how each random step really brings you closer to the edge.

Your mind keeps spinning into an overwhelming silence
and the loneliness that surrounds you, takes over the hopes and dreams,
those that you build and that with your own actions you destroy.

Your cry is heard in the depth of darkness 
and you realize, that the only embrace left for you
is the one of that single cold moment.
And you wake up.. 
You open your eyes to that raw reality that is only there to show you, that you have been the one hiding behind the fog..
That you are the master and creator of your own gray wall.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


You sit and wait. Your mind wandering about what's next.
No one has given you a magic crystal ball with the answers to every question you may have, so your only choice is to play the game. Play life.

You have taken every opportunity you thought was great and let slipped the ones that didn't convince you. You have made your way and built your own path. 

No one is the architect of your existence, but yourself. No one is entitled to tell you how, why and when to be happy; and for sure, no one can hurt you without you granting them permission. 

You can hide behind a mask, behind a wall of lies. You can pretend to be someone else or hide your sorrows with a smile. Your whole surrounding is a reflection of your inner self, a trigger that forces you to face reality.

You live... And your constant walk is a reminder that time never stops. So why wait?
Life can either punish or reward you for your actions, but you are the only owner of that result.

So, flip a coin. Make your choice.
Destiny only takes its toll when you allow it.-

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[ . . . ]

Is it bad when you suddenly feel tired and just ready to give up ? .. "Tirar la toalla" some would say. Granted, I have probably a thousand and one reasons to be happy.
I am amongst the lucky ones that have a family, health, friends, a job, goals and even dreams.
Call it the "picture perfect moment"..

Then "boom" reality hits you. Check back to reality 101! Right across your face. I am a happy person. Always trying to stay on the positive side and brightening someone's day when is needed. But, with reason they say, payback is a bitch.

One day your whole way of thinking seems struck by lightning and you dwell. Te dejas ir lentamente, en caida libre hacia.. donde exactamente ? Tic Toc.. La nocion de que el reloj sigue corriendo con o sin mi atencion. Que la vida sigue pasando con o sin mi presencia.

Maybe, just maybe it's simply another gray day for me.. Hormonal ? Possibly. Hurtful ? 40% of the time. Something that will pass ? Definitely.

Probablemente lo he aprendido de forma sutil o,sin darme cuenta, si lo he aprendido de forma brutal y he sabido salir adelante; pero one thing is for sure:
" Whether is good or is bad.. Nothing really lasts forever"

This day shall too pass y manana volvere a sonrerir seguro..meanwhile, my-"with or without reason"- free fall onto nowhere keeps its incessant course.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Te sientas a pensar.. 
a mirar por tu ventana hacia ese recorrer que muchos llaman vida.
Eres un testigo de esa sinfonia interminable de vivencias..

Contemplas con atencion cada detalle del pasar continuo del mundo,
sin un "stop sign".. 
No hay un muro de contencion.. ni escalas en una isla lejana 
o en el paraiso prometido.

Te das cuenta que cada nueva persona trae consigo un secreto, 
el pesar de su existencia; las alegrias de los recuerdos 
o la fantasia del futuro que desean alcanzar.
Y tu... Te limitas a callar y a observar. 
Como buen pintor de realidades, 
tus pinceladas son impresiones con una analogia agridulce.
De tu vivir salen las mas sublimes obras de arte.
Deberias ya de aceptar que la belleza de esas piezas, esta en el ojo de quien las observa.

El susurro del tiempo te recuerda que tu tambien tienes el derecho a ser feliz, 
que eres tan parte del mundo alla afuera como tus emociones te lo permitan. 

Y si te das cuenta, no existe un cristal; si te fijas bien.. mas alla de aquella vieja cortina, tu ventana sigue abierta. 

Monday, June 23, 2008

" El mayor desorden de la mente 
consiste en creer que las cosas son de cierta manera, 
porque nosotros deseamos que asi sean"

Jacques Benigne Bossuet.-

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Go on, whisper in my ear...
those sweet sorrows of yesterday are gone
and the comforting sound of hope goes by.. unmistaken

Go ahead, the lonely road has changed its glory
the secret now lies within each new brick that composes it

Walk along the scratches of the wind
the ones that keep you safe and covered,
the ones that with a simple joyful movement
can change the course of nature

Breath in peace..
knowing that today is no more of yesterday's journey
and with tomorrow, you always have the chance of getting your way

Take in the acceptance of welcoming arms
and leave behind the pretensions of those who criticize..

Shh.. Hush and look around you..
The new mystery is yours too keep..

Monday, May 26, 2008


De la dulce nostalgia que esos pasados andares dejaron
marcados con la huella del destino
y simplificando el sentir de ese corazon que hoy guardas con recelo

De no saber el porque y ni siquiera interesarse en el cuando
donde la desdicha es parte del ayer
pero tu presente no te muestra la claridad que deseas

De los amargos placeres que una ves disfrutaste y que hoy simplemente se esfuman
de los momentos que dejaste pasar pensando que el proximo valdria la pena tanto o mas
y hoy te das cuenta que tu tiempo paso sin rumbo

Esa incertidumbre que te acosa y acorrala todos tus pensamientos
y el aire de tus sueños se aleja en un destierro subito..

Y te dejas consumir..

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


dejas de ser..
como un leve susurro en una noche serena

tu existencia se agota 
y el infinito abruma ese recuerdo

queda el todo en el vacio
y ya las horas no lloran por tu ausencia..

ese reloj no espera el minuto de tu regreso

y yo.. no puedo perder lo que nunca fue mio

[ ... ]

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Suddenly I Realize ..

[ That I'm just that little piece of your puzzle..the one you leave for last,
because you are yet not sure where it's going to fit..]
That I'm clinging to something unknown,
without hopes or direction.. a path that could have no end..

That our promises are staying behind
wiped out by the storm of emotions that distract us..

That perhaps love is not enough
and the idea of enternal bliss is a simple misconception..

That fear of losing you is keeping me away
and just letting go, seems impossible ..

That a few days or a few weeks can change a person's character
yet there is that slight possibility of coming out of it stronger..

That everywhere I look and everywhere I go
the resemblance of your existence follows me..

[ ... ]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Acaso se puede?

Como hace uno para reinventarse? Es que, al parecer eso suena como una transfiguracion genetica... es mas, es como si de repente uno se percata de que es un producto mas en el mercado y es tiempo de hacerse un "upgrade"
       Igual, muchos de nosotros hemos pensando miles de veces que necesitamos un cambio de actitud, ser mas positivos, mas dinamicos.. Un que se yo y un no se que nuevo.. Pero realmente se puede? Digamos que no nacimos con un "switch" oculto que podamos cambiar de posicion cuando nos sentimos de baja; o ponerle en off cuando estamos mas acelerados que un motoconcho, entonces que hacemos?

Hace unos dias un amigo me comento que el cambio debe ser interior.    Mmm... "mira vos.." - como diria El - ahora resulta que para sentirme mejor tengo que cambiar casi de leucocitos  y globulos rojos para tener una sonrisa en la cara y proyectar una buena actitud. Como no lo habia pensando antes! Esa es la respuesta! Claro, claro.. lo que yo necesito es una transfusion! 

Y que tal me pegan algo raro? O quien sabe, hasta peor que lo ya tengo!
   No, no, no y no! Me rehuso totalmente a que me tomen como conejillo de indias para cosas raras. Prefiero lidiar solita con la "depre" y el cambio de humor que parar de plano en un sanatorio.
      Ojo eh.. he dicho sanatorio, no cementerio.. que aun no estoy planeando ese viaje y por mas triste que este, no tengo complejos suicidas *thinks again.. goes back in time..mmm* . 

Y bueh.. ya vere que le hago a todo el asunto. Capaz solo tengo que tomarme unos dias off. Fuera de mi mente, fuera de mi rutina y despejar un poco las malas vibras; pa' mientras, le voy a pedir a mi compañera de tortura - digo, de trabajo - una de esas recetas para cambiarse la suerte y voltear la moneda. Mmmm.. en una de esas, facilito terminamos donde un psiquico y no donde el psiquiatra..


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I < THAN 3 U A.G.

[ ... ]

Why should I care,
when the simplicity of your words leaves me hopeless
why should the rythm of my heart stop
when your eyes run away from mine

In an instant, what was .. just stops existing
and everything crumbles
and the idea of losing it all is overwhelming

Why should I accept the present without looking back
ignoring everything that was said in the past
and the promises of an enlightened future..

A riddle that you created
and my walk into an endless laberynth ..
That's the simple remain of our existence ..

[ Y el amor que nuestras huellas marcaron en la arena de nuestro caminar, se mantiene..indeleble.. y aun te quiero..]


Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's one of those days..

It's again one of those gloomy days, when everything looks gray and no matter how much people tell you to look on the bright side.. you simply collapse and let life run thru' you.
  I have underestimated everyone's opinions at times; always have been considered as the one that "has all the answers even when I'm wrong". I think to err is human and we all have our days. I also think, that every now and then we are just in the desperate need of attention.

I have experienced happiness. For the past few weeks I have known nothing but joy, grace, inner peace.. and that sublime sensation of floating in a cloud for a period of time that seems eternal. I have felt something I cannot described, yet others way before my existence, have named it as love

I've taken for granted the whole feeling. I dared to believe that "love can do it all" and forgot that there are times when things and people outside of that personal cloud simply do everything and anything to prevent that happiness from glowing as it should.
 I now find myself, submerged in one of those days where I am simply MAD at the whole world. It's funny, how instead of taking it out on someone or something, I just sit down and cry..  

The fear of losing what has made me so happy, that someone that makes me whole just because of third parties has me shaking to the point of simply plummeting into chaos.

Maybe my sky is gray just because I chose to see it that way when I woke up. 
Mmmm.. Maybe I do have real reasons and it goes beyond my paranoia.  Whatever it is, I wouldn't like to cross path with someone dealing with mythoughts and emotions... 
The overwhelming feeling of not knowing what's next, yet the assurance of knowing deep down in the heart what you want.. it's a contradiction that dwells with the tears that fall slowly into the ground.

It's just one of those days ... with the full desire of disappearing with no trace, the agony of falling slowly into an abyss.. and the sour sensation of being hurt by someone else..

Monday, March 31, 2008

Won't You ? ...

Dare to dream of a better morning
dare to speak of tomorrow's journey

Open your senses
and let me keep you safe from harm

I'll cure your sorrow
and kiss your scars good-bye

Won't You ?

Dare to trust that you won't hurt and will know no pain
dare to wish for a love that never ends

I'll take your hand and walk with you along your way
and you'll realize there's nothing to be afraid

Won't You ?

Dare to see you are no longer alone,
and face the crowd with the senses of being whole

As I offer you all of me,
dare to just let yourself go..

..And let's imagine there is nothing else, 
but the embrace of happiness..


Friday, March 28, 2008

This Is Me .. After I Met You <3

Isn't it too cute?!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


When the night grows old
the warmth of your presence remains

When your arms are around me
the touch of your soul keeps me safe

When you smile back at me
my whole existence seems to blend in a dream

When you talk,
your words show the perfect harmony of your heart

With your kiss,
my world collides into a perfect whirlwind of emotions

My morning turns to night in an instant
and I can't wait for my sunshine to come back..

Your touch.. the essence of having you
its a blissful roller coaster, a non-stop ride to heaven

And I sit back and realize
You bring out the best side of me..

..You simply are the best of me..


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Because of You..

I can stop pretending..
because my walls don't hold sorrow anymore
I can just let go
to the deep secrecy that dragged my loneliness

I can smile again
because your hand intertwines with mine
And in a blissful motion
the portrait is complete

I can see myself
with a different perspective because of you
Your whole existence.. my deep desire
running thru' my veins

You become the best part of me
with every new word, with each passing day
You let me understand
the meaning of being truly happy

I can close my eyes and feel safe
because I know your arms are there to protect me
You can close your eyes and believe
because my love its yours to keep

Our own picture of perfection
with no fears and no tears
just the complete surrounding of happiness..


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Luce della mia Vita

Like a thunder on a silent night
you arrived..
With no expectations but a true desire of your presence
I was just sitting.. Waiting...

I was the one full of hope looking up at the sky
until you came along ..

With your mystic understanding and the simplicity of your words
You showed me your heart and with it, a new path..

My silent night has a sudden glare
a new sense and meaning..
The inspiration has come with your name..

Perhaps, that's why the stars are smiling now
looking down as if they knew..
Showering with their magic, your sublime company..

And now.. I simply don't want to let go..
I want to stop time, to frame the night,
I want to stop time, to keep your light..

[ A dream, is an answer to a question we haven't yet learned how to ask ]


Saturday, February 23, 2008


[ Ecléctico: Que esta compuesto de elementos, opiniones, estilos, etc. de caracter diverso; que sigue una corriente artistica ecléctica o adopta una postura intermedia, en lugar de elegir soluciones u opciones extremas o ya estipuladas ]

Si tuviera que definirme en este instante, lo haria con esa palabra. Digamos que, el periodo de transicion entre la adolescencia y la adultez, es ese tiempo (que vaya si parece eterno!) en que uno descube realmente quien es o por lo menos tiene mas claro hacia donde se inclina, que quiere ser y hasta donde quiere llegar.

Siempre he creido en la individualidad del ser humano; si Dios o el universo nos dio la capacidad de pensar y analizar, supongo que debemos tener la misma capacidad para tomar decisiones, ejercer el libre albedrio sin que la repercusion sea un caos tamano bomba atomica.

Es un hecho, cada decision trae consigo una consecuencia, es ley universal y seria muy tonto ignorarlo. Pero, que tan malo es tener un pensamiento o una actitud diferente?
Es, de verdad, algo grave tomarse la libertad de auto-moldearse de acuerdo a sus puntos de vista o sus perspectivas frente a la vida?

Soy amante del Arte en todas sus formas de expresion, con todos sus matizes. Amante de la Literatura sin importar cual sea su formato, ya sea una Novela, un Poema o Historia Antigua! Salto sin prejuicios por los caminos de la Musica, pasando por lo Clasico o hasta lo mas "pesado" ;) ... Simplemente me dejo envolver.

Me intrigan las culturas ajenas a la mia, el lenguaje que no me pertenece y que, aunque no entienda - su sonido me hipnotiza. Las caras de aquellos que estan lejos, el sabor de lo que nunca habia probado...

Uno que otro dia me siento Ciudadana del Universo, como si existera en mi una partecita de todo... Creo en tener una filosofia abierta ante la vida y asi disfrutar de todo cuanto exista en el camino.

De acuerdo a la definicion otorgada por la Real Academia de la Lengua Espanola, adoptar un pensamiento ecléctico, es tomarse la libertad de ... pensar, de ser diferente? De no adoptar lo cotidiano, sino defender lo propio?

Mmm... no parece tan mala idea, cierto?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Broken Page

I sit and read through the pages of my book of life trying to find the hidden words between the lines
searching the perfect combination of what once just was and now its non-existent..

My tears roll down as each new page turns away
as each new chapter begings with hope and ends with pain as I walk away from the impression on these pieces

My book is a puzzle that no one understands
yet onlookers dare to judge and interpret it
as they feel, in their own ways..

A history that re-writes itself with new plots
a new adventure ending in disgrace
And I end up being the same old character tiresome and lonely..

My lines dwell deep and bleed, like scars on a broken heart
yet I look up in a senseless motion
And I still pretend that I can give live to a new story..



I wish I could escape.. from the prison of my mind,
the chase of my thoughts
and the torment of my own desires ..


I wish I could reach out of these walls
break the barriers of my imagination
and live beyond my own expectations

Escape from the sound of those silent nights
that surround me with their despair
Run away and hide from the multitude of
onlookers that are witnesses to my solitude

I wish I could cry myself to sleep
without really caring
Without feeling that my own happiness
is simply hanging by a thread...

Escape from the emotions and the dwelling..
Run from desillusion
And hide away from time ..


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are You a Believer?

Whether you have faith or you simply rejoice on the idea that something greater than existence is out there, the subject is often open for discussion.

I have been able to inmerse myself amongst the wilderness of the thoughts of many, and contrary to popular believes, its hard to point an 
ideal religion, an ideal custom of faith, an ideal mode for practicing rituals..

The subject indeed is wide and deep as any ocean can be, and as extensive and open to explore as 
the concept of the human mind..

Admitting to oneself that we don't control everything, that we were 
"made and placed" on this Earth with a purpose and that we are supposed to live life in an honorable way, might cause distraction and even dispersion of masses, simply because we have been growing with the idea of supremacy, individuality of character, possesion and control of our own ways and paths in life...

So, are we really ready to admit that maybe, just maybe, we are part of a 
greater plan; Part of something bigger than our pitiful impressions and explanations ??

Is it true, that the choice is only ours to make ?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Miracle of a Child

With loving hands you wake up to life
knowing that safety is holding you

Your smile can warm her universe
and your senses connect with hers as one

Her soul emerges when your eyes
simply encounter her glance

And then realize you are the little piece of heaven
she was waiting all along..

Her little miracle of life..


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[ Untitled ]

Close your eyes and pretend..
let your imagination take you places
let me grab your hand and let you know it's alright

Let's dwell into our own little playground
and forget about existence
Drawing our path on the sand
and walking away from reality

Building our castle of dreams
surrounded by the sound of hope
The harmony of days simply takes place
and remains untouched

Pretend that there's nothing missing
and let your smile shine bright
Just the sound of your laughter echoing
on the reminiscences of infinity

And it just takes two..
keep your eyes closed
Dreaming of that path to happiness..
keep pretending our own little playground
is our haven.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Una Victima Mas

Es increible..hace meses atras me encontraba rechazando una invitacion, otra de las miles que me llegan para formar parte de una pagina de esas"socializadoras" [ I know, I just made up a word ;) ]. Una cadena continua de personas, donde no solo estan tus amigos, sino los amigos de los amigos, ahhh y los panas de ese pana que viste la semana pasada en una fiesta.. y que, aunque no tiene nadita que ver contigo.. lo agregas solo porque si.

Bueno, que cosa con la situacion.. si no te unes eres una antichevere que no esta en nada.. y si lo haces, eres parte central del chisme que se genera en esos
sites. Terminas enterandote por Hi5, que la ex de tu mejor amigo anda con el hermano de tu amiga de la Universidad.. y que el primo de ella, embarazo a una de tu curso solo para sacarle los pies despues!!

Si entras en
myspace, te das cuenta que hasta la Mama de tu amigo anda buscandose un novio por ahi, que sea rico, buenmozo, le guste viajar y que tenga como hobbie salir de compras ! Cuyos muchachos ya esten criados, tengan familia y si es posible.. vivan en otra ciudad. Y para esa conquista tiene unas fotos de cuando cuca bailaba.. y las que son recientes, tienen un solo trabajo de photoshop que te preguntas cual fue el "cirujano" que paso por ahi.

Entonces rematas tu agenda de amistades con un
Facebook, claro! Ese no se puede quedar, porque aparte de informarte sobre quien anda con quien, cuando es el party de tu vecina, donde esta yendo la gente cool, que esta "in" y que se puso la tipa que menos soportas para el concierto de la semana pasada... tiene un reguero de feferitos o aplicaciones que te sirven para entretenerte mientras te enteras de todo!

Ay la tecnologia y la gente! Que hacer con todo ese mereketeke ?
Nah.. yo comprendi ya. Sip..en serio. Hay una de dos.. o nadas contra la corriente o simplemente te dejas llevar. Ya se pueden imaginar con este simple escrito que me paso a mi, no ? Una victima mas de las paginas socializadoras esas que te mantienen al tanto, aunque te encuentres en China.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No Steps Back

The past is hunting me back,
pulling me into the depths of it's bitterness

Dragging me as a demon to it's prey
and trying to make a prison within my own toughts

The cold hands of the phantom of what it used to be
pauses ahead of me as if trying to break my new path ...

I don't want to go back
I refuse to look into the eyes of what doesn't exist to me anymore

It's a promise to myself
a shout that closes the door to such travesty ...


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Inner Silence [ ... ]

And I just.. let go .. of those moments
when I used to think of you
And now just wonder how you are ..
how life has turned out to be for you

And I imagine that within your thoughts
there's still a little piece of Me..
I can't help but notice how the empty space you left,
simply remains


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Abismo de Quimeras - New Year's Resolution

De repente  me encuentro desenmarañando un enredo de pensamientos que, lejos de ser arte, son simplemente retratos casuales que me permiten tocar temas que muchos pasamos por alto o que, tal vez, no son parte de nuestro espacio ni tiempo en el diario vivir.  A veces es necesario buscar un desahogo racional [más que emocional] - y para ello, una adicion de estilo a un blogsito como este puede ser como un "treasure chest".

Mis opiniones y mis locuras, y hasta vivencias porqué no, serán descritas entre laberintos de palabras que podrán ser descifrados siempre que te tomes un momento y te aventures a recapacitar sobre lo leído.

Tal vez la intriga acompañe cada nuevo pensamiento; a lo mejor sean comentarios socio-políticos cuya naturaleza refleje al personaje que se adueña a ratos de mi raciocinio, o tome este rincón para liberar tensiones de una forma curiosa y divertida [ya que no hay mejor medicina que una buena carcajada].

Sean estos escritos lo que quieran ser; el trayecto esta por comenzar y espero que ser parte de él sea tan divertido como interesante y que, estas experiencias y simples divagaciones, dejen su huella.