Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sometimes my sky is gray
My head keeps spinning
The heartbeats stop

Sometimes the smile is faded
Time seems motionless
Overpowered by the silence

Sometimes I move away
Build up a well and conceal myself inside
Avoiding ...

Sometimes a light shines thru'
Becoming a guide
Of the path I should follow

Sometimes a rainbow shows
Its colors bright
As sunshine on a happy day

Sometimes I let go
When it's taken for granted
Or is not deserved

Sometimes a smile comes back
Pretending to be something else
Pretending to have a motive

Sometimes I just am
Others, want to be
Perhaps don't even exist

Sometimes I wish
Upon a falling a star
To keep my heart close to what is loved

And sometimes.. just sometimes
I dwell into my own sleep
My dreams.. And fantasize..


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

[ Random ]
Will keep updating as thoughts come up..

".. If you got nothing to say, let me appreciate the noise that comes from this silence.."

"..Look into my eyes, and tell me if you can see my dreams, taste my senses, hold your breath for a second.. and enjoy the company of solitude, the surroundings of the emptiness.."

"..Kiss me with your eyes, touch me with your lips, taste me with your inner soul and let me exist within you.."

".. I took a trip into the moon, and left my heart on my way back.."

"..And I cry myself to sleep, hoping the sunshine will take away my pain and suffering, and a rainbow will make everything brighter and sweeter with its colors.."


Monday, June 11, 2007

We'll Always Have Johnny Rockets

..And I miss the way You pull me close to you
and look into my eyes knowing what I feel,
Knowing what I don't have to put into words
because is there..

I miss your smile and your laughter,
even tho' in my mind I keep playing it
like a movie non-stop just to keep you close..

And I smile at your memory and my eyes fill
with pictures of You and I, and I'm happy..
even when my hand keeps looking out for yours
I know it will be soon..

I miss the sound of your heart, the kiss from your eyes
and the touch of your lips..

And while I wait, joy overpowers my surroundings
with the mere idea of feeling you close to me again
of knowing, just like you, we'll keep making memories together..


Saturday, June 02, 2007

[Ana Is My FoKiTo !]

Even if I don't get to see you everyday
I know you're there..
Like a guiding light that shows me what's best
With your word of understanding..

Even if the space between us seemed to expand
I feel your warmth
Your caring self that tends to hold me down
And lets me know when it's enough...

With time I've come to terms with my reality
Letting it show me the way of your friendship
And I never thought I'd find someone like you..
So pure and true.. A sister..A Friend..

You read me thru' and thru'
And keep me humble
You share my pain and happiness
And never dwell ..

Perhaps it's true we all have another self
wandering the paths of Earth
And all we need is to open our eyes to see them there

Some things stick with you, some people become part of you
Like the Scar you say I represent and you carry with you at all times
I keep your light close to me, letting me know no matter what,
Things will be alright..