Sunday, June 25, 2006

You make the best of me..

Sometimes things just reach to us from another perspective,
another form of life.

Moments come that make us dwell and make us change, believe sometimes
whats not true nor there. People that come and go and chances that we just ignore..
yet some things prevail.

My heart beats to the rythm of your soul, your life..your sole existence..I am because of you, I know because its true and I feel because is all there is for me since you are around.
No need of time nor need of space, just a loving word and the promise of being there.

You touched my life and shook my world, my own became whats yours alone, without the sense to any word unkown, everything is completely understood.

Im truly yours, ever since you first said my name I knew.. Without having to see your face at first, I knew.. Even when things seemed out of place.. I knew..

You simply make the best of me

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

En Ti.. (Incompleto)

En ti, veo el camino a a la felicidad
en ti, veo una verdad mas clara que el inmenso infinito que nos rodea
En ti, todo deja de pesar y solo es
en ti, veo brillar la pureza de la amistad sincera
En ti, mis dias y mis noches son de gloria
en ti, el lamento no es mas que parte del pasado y el futuro la mas hermosa melodia
En ti, el aire que respiro es fantasia y los momentos son sublimes y sin nostalgia
en ti, siempre esta la mano amiga y el corazon dueño de mi vida
En ti, esta mi alma gemala, mi complemento..
En ti..por ti..
Vivo, siento y muero..

*Not my best work.. ni remotamente parecido.. mmm pero just an idea I guess..Ana no t rias =P

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just Another Way..

Of saying what you already know..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

By Your Side

If you close your eyes and wonder
I'll be there
like a soft wind caressing your thoughts
I will help you understand
Even when it seems hard to breath
I'll take your hand and lead

No matter how it hurts
I will always try to save you
because you are my hope and light
I'll be the same
Just like one

And when you dream, don't feel alone
I am with you now and forever
I won't let go..

Always by your side, I want to be your eternal companion...